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Own a Franchise with the Holistic Care Leader

HealthSource is the only franchise brand that operates in five multi-billion dollar industries.  Holistic Health Services are forecasted to grow to $60.9 billion by 2025.  Learn more by downloading our free report below.

HealthSource unveils new branding campaign

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Industry Size

  • Chiropractic Care = $14B
  • Physical Therapy = $30B 
  • Massage = $12B
  • Corporate Wellness = $8B
  • Nutrition = $32B

Total = $96B Opportunity


HealthSource Facts & Stats

  • Founded in 2006
  • Size: Nearly 300 Clinics
  • Market Segment: Chiropractic Holistic Healthcare
  • Single and Multi-Unit Franchises Offered
  • 13 Million+ Patients Helped
  • Owner/Operator and Semi-Absentee Models Offered
  • 99% Customer Referral Rate
  • Average HealthSource Franchise Gross Profit = $187,647

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