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Alternative healthcare is growing at a double-digit rate in the United States, and is currently a $58 billion industry. The opioid crisis and risks involved with surgery and painkillers, along with an aging population, make holistic alternative treatments such as spinal adjustments, massage and supplements popular with consumers.

Graduating to Clinic Ownership

Combine the skills you’ve learned in chiropractic school with the HealthSource business model to secure your financial future. We have created a special start up plan for recent chiropractor graduates and chiropractic associates, and can guide you through the process of owning your own clinic. And once opened, our integrated marketing campaigns will build a solid base of loyal patients.

Aligning Your Clinic with HealthSource

Going in alone is never easy in any business venture. But it’s particularly difficult in a health service business such as a chiropractic clinic. HealthSource billing, compliance, training and staffing systems allow you to focus on the patient. Brand awareness and marketing programs provide the growth needed to compete against local, regional and national competitors.

Taking a Business Stake in Holistic Care

You don’t need to be a doctor to own a HealthSource clinic. There are a number of HealthSource clinic owners who became franchisees because of the high margins and stability of the holistic health category. With our connections with chiropractic schools, we can identify the best chiropractic doctors and other team members to work at your clinic. In addition, our business systems are structured for an entrepreneur to manage.

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