2018 Franchise of the Year

Andy Konz – Albertville, MN

In April at the HealthSource Super Camp Conference, Andy Konz, was recognized for posting top numbers in five categories, including average visit income and patient visits, which exceeded 15,000 in 2017.  But the numbers tell just part of the story. Konz and his staff are a fabric of the Albertville, MN community, donating time and money to a wide range of groups in need.

“For my team, receiving this award truly means that we’re providing the highest level of service possible to our community,” Konz said. “We’re changing people’s lives and to be recognized by your peers for that is truly humbling.”

Business Women on a Mission

Two women who became incredibly successful moving up the ranks in the corporate world of McDonald’s partnered with HealthSource, because of its tremendous potential for growth.


Sharlene Smith and Charice Nash-Smith, who recently opened HealthSource of Crabapple, Georgia, plan to open five more HealthSource clinics in the greater Atlanta area. With a combined 50 years of experience in franchising operations with McDonald’s, they wanted to go into business for themselves and agreed that HealthSource was the perfect fit.


“I love that at HealthSource we are family and are rooted in values that drive what we do!” said Sharlene Smith. “It’s a smaller brand that has all the resources and support to be a big brand. The training and support is exceptional and I don’t have to worry about figuring things out or reinventing the wheel.”

"HealthSource builds up new owners to be/do what they want and provides options to scale your business."
Kari Schmidt
HealthSource of Chicago, IL
"Converting to HealthSource allowed me to grow my clinic exponentially both in terms of patient visits and revenue in my first year. I believe this is a direct result of implementing the proven systems HealthSource makes available to their clinics."
Jonathan Faubion
HealthSource of Riverton, WY

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