Rising Up to Franchisee of the Year

A failed board exam may have initially kept Dr. Lynnsey Jepsen, D.C. on the chiropractic sidelines, but it also provided her the opportunity to discover the “perfect” practice.

Dr. Jepsen began working at a local HealthSource clinic as a marketing manager, and saw first- hand how a successful chiropractic office could be run. Upon passing her board exam in 2012, she didn’t waste any time investing in her own franchise, and would go on to win HealthSource’s “Franchise of the Year” award in 2017.

“HealthSource guided me to a dream scenario: treating patients, leading a team that has become like family, and owning my own practice,” Dr. Jepsen said.

Business Women on a Mission

Two women who became incredibly successful moving up the ranks in the corporate world of McDonalds partnered with HealthSource, because of its tremendous potential for growth.


Sharlene Smith and Charice Nash-Smith, who recently opened HealthSource of Crabapple, Georgia, plan to open five more HealthSource clinics in the greater Atlanta area. With a combined 50 years of experience in franchising operations with McDonalds, they wanted to go into business for themselves and agreed that HealthSource was the perfect fit.


“I love that at HealthSource we are family and are rooted in values that drive what we do!” said Sharlene Smith. “It’s a smaller brand that has all the resources and support to be a big brand. The training and support is exceptional and I don’t have to worry about figuring things out or reinventing the wheel.”

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