Patient Focus

99% of our patients would refer a friend because they are so satisfied with their care. That’s because we allow our doctors to be doctors, removing billing, staffing, training and marketing issues through operational systems to make the clinic a business success.

Customized Software System

HealthSource clinics have a distinct advantage in meeting the complicated billing and compliance requirements for chiropractic services through HSWorx Software. The latest version of this software is the result of knowledge gained from processing millions of transactions through hundreds of clinics over the past 12 years. The system is also a powerful reporting tool, tracking insurance stats, productivity, operating costs and profitability, and the success of marketing campaigns.

Training Team Approach

You’re not alone when you join HealthSource, which is a big advantage when it comes to training and investigating the latest advances in chiropractic and progressive rehabilitation care. It starts with HealthSource University, where you and your team will learn the details about how to efficiently and successfully operate your clinic. There are also online webinars and a content library, weekly training sessions, and regular category specialist presentations. Combined, you have collective knowledge of hundreds of chiropractors across the country.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

HealthSource is a brand recognized by consumers for delivering exceptional care. Quarterly promotional campaigns are developed to leverage this awareness and drive new and repeat appointments to clinics. The marketing team also manages all aspects of reaching consumers, from SEO/SEM and social media and public relations and reputation rankings to offline and digital advertising and clinic collateral and signage. With HealthSource, you become part of many clinics with one brand voice.

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