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What Is The HealthSource, America’s Chiropractor® Franchise?

HealthSource is about delivering best-in-class outcomes to our patients, to our communities, and to our franchise owners. Chiropractic can be a lonely career. We are a family of great people building great clinics and ethically driving large revenues and profits. When you consistently over-deliver to enough patients and exceed their expectations in a systemized, highly efficient clinic, amazing things can happen. And our done-for-you marketing helps ensure that your community knows that you are the right doctor for their needs while helping to create a steady stream of new patients. When our patients reach the end of their primary care plan, we have a simple and profitable wellness club that they can join, helping them to do what they love. In short, our model is all about great patient results while building fun, efficient, and busy clinics.

For years, the chiropractic profession has served roughly the same small percentage of the population as a direct result of not seeing enough new patients combined with slow or stagnant operational systems running the practice. There is a huge opportunity present to totally transform existing clinics and launch brand new clinics that have amazing systems and a robust stream of new patients. HealthSource has solved both challenges and can bring solutions to your practice.

HealthSource is exposing more and more people to a model of chiropractic care that delivers outstanding results in a modern paradigm of patient care in a fun and caring environment. Community by community, our teams are introducing our services as part of a carefully constructed marketing strategy. In fact, all digital marketing is created, customized, and even placed for our doctors, removing a huge stress from their lives, allowing them to do more of what they love, part of which is building their dream practice.

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Our Services

At HealthSource, we offer more than just chiropractic adjustments. We have six primary services that are aimed at meeting the unique health needs of all of our patients. These six service categories create six distinct revenue streams. Our teams make sure patients get the personalized treatment plan they need so they can do what they love. The HealthSource model efficiently and profitably offers:

  • Chiropractic care and adjustments
  • Progressive rehab: active functional corrective rehab and supportive services
  • Spinal decompression (next generation)
  • High powered photobiomodulation
  • Wellness Club that creates lifetime patients
  • HealthSource brand of top-shelf nutrition and products
  • In addition, some clinics offer acupuncture and massage

Each HealthSource clinic also offers consultations and examinations (with x-rays when necessary) with every patient to fully understand their healthcare needs and to recommend care designed to get them back to doing what they love. We focus on getting patients first out of pain and then restoring normal function. Once those goals are met, Wellness Club becomes the natural transition for family wellness care.

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