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Own a Chiropractic Franchise Clinic That Your Community Will Love

HealthSource, America’s Chiropractor® is the only franchise brand that operates in six multi-billion dollar industries, offering patients a range of health services under one roof. The chiropractic industry has doubled in size over the last five years and is now an over $14 billion dollar profession.

Today, Americans spend over $50B a year just on back pain! Factor in everything else the typical chiropractor sees and the opportunity is truly huge. It’s such a large opportunity, there is no need to chase magic bullets that make chiropractic clinics expensive to operate and difficult to run. 

Unfortunately, chiropractors’ social feeds are literally jammed with ads, all trying to pry away your hard-earned cash. Avoid them. These distractions are not needed in a well-oiled practice machine. On the contrary, they are counterproductive. Staying within our lane allows us to focus on incredible success in a lower stress, fun, and high-energy clinic.

The extremely fun, efficient, and successful practice does exist!

One of the most important keys to finally building your dream practice is mentorship. We believe mentorship shaves decades off of the learning curve. Why try to recreate the wheel when ultra-successful doctors can help you avoid the same mistakes they made on their way up? 

As a new member of the  HealthSource family, every owner is automatically enrolled in a deeply immersive learning process with a group of other new HealthSource doctors. 

Your group is a peer mentored group. You’ll learn and train with the best, in person, for the ultimate in accelerated learning. Once you are part of the HealthSource Family, you’ll never be practicing alone again. You’ll be part of Team HealthSource!

What to Expect

HealthSource was founded by Dr. Chris Tomshack, who is passionate about delivering best-in-class patient results, seeing a much larger percentage of the population, making a real difference in your community, and building fantastic practices that are highly profitable while creating more free time for chiropractors. This is truly a different way to practice, one that is based on both science and business.

The average DC is struggling, having trouble even paying off student loans. Building your dream practice that achieves your vision is the way to end the struggle and have an amazing lifestyle. This is our goal for you.

Our operational model offers doctors the opportunity to not only build a great practice and life for themselves but also the freedom to spend time doing more of what they love.

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