Additional Information About the HealthSource Chiropractic Franchise Opportunity

You’ve got questions about our chiropractic franchise, and the HealthSource, America’s Chiropractor® team has the answers. It’s important that our new franchisees have as much information as possible about our business and the ownership experience before opening or converting their clinics. Our website breaks down our franchise experience so that you can get a full understanding of the entire process, yet we are certain you’ll have some lingering questions and concerns. We’ve provided the most common questions, along with the answers, below. Browse through them at your convenience and then you and Dr. Maz can discuss any other questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to be a chiropractor to own a HealthSource franchise?

A: Although most, but certainly not all, of our franchise owners are chiropractors, you need not be a chiropractor to own a HealthSource franchised clinic.

Q: How can joining HealthSource be beneficial

A: HealthSource offers a truly turn-key systemized approach to launching a new clinic or converting an existing clinic to one that is extremely efficient and delivers best-in-class patient outcomes. Our robust clinical and operational training department has built a dynamic, always evolving training system with over 800 video-based classes, all designed to upgrade both the doctor and the team into one that delivers excellence in all realms of running a successful chiropractic practice. The HealthSource marketing team then creates a clinic-specific strategy with one goal in mind: attract great new patients in sufficient quantity and quality to build the practice of their dreams. All digital-based marketing is even placed for the clinic owners, freeing them up to do what they love. Additionally, all owners receive in-person mentorship and coaching to shave decades off the learning curve towards building their dream.

Q: Are there any additional ongoing fees?

A: The franchise license fee is currently $60,000. The royalty is 7% (covers everything moving forward) and the national ad fund is 2% (covers the creation of all marketing pieces, ads, commercials, etc.). A technology fee, which covers ongoing website evolution and maintenance, is $199 per month. See item 6 of the current Franchise Disclosure Document for additional information.


Q: What is the initial investment for a HealthSource Chiropractic Clinic?

A: The total investment necessary to begin operation of a new, single start-up clinic franchise ranges from $345,000-$485,000. The total investment necessary to begin operation of an existing chiropractic clinic converted to a HealthSource Chiropractic Clinic franchise ranges from $345,000-$485,000. Both options includes the initial franchise fee of $60,000. Additional insight can be found on item 7 of the current Franchise Disclosure Document. Please visit the investment page for additional information.


Q: I am starting from scratch. How does that work?

A: This scenario is considered a new launch franchise. Once a member of the HealthSource Family, we get busy and go to work. We start by working with you to select a community and a site. Then we work with you, even drawing your highly efficient floor plan design. Then we work with you and your general contractor to build your dream office, all leading to a detailed Grand Opening. Most importantly, your training begins right away, so you can engage in the learning process that can lead towards building your dream practice.

Q: I already have a office. How does that work?

A: This is called a conversion franchise. Once you are a member of the HealthSource Family, we work with you to ensure your floor plan is efficient and can deliver our best-in-class patient outcomes. We'll show you exactly how to rebrand your clinic to the beautiful HealthSource brand while simultaneously engaging the learning management system of over 800 video-based classes that we call Cortex. As mastery of our more basic systems is attained by you and your team, we'll show you how to announce to your community that your HealthSource clinic is ready to serve them, as communicated with a Grand Reopening strategy. Meanwhile, a multi-channel marketing strategy will be designed for you to help attract even more new patients.

Q: Will HealthSource help me attract more new patients?

A: Yes, we will. We build a customized marketing calendar designed just for your territory. We discuss it with you, fine-tune it, and launch it. In fact, with most of the marketing, our team not only creates the materials and then customizes them for your office, but we also place the marketing for you. This is one huge headache removed and one less thing to stress over. Let us do most of the work for you so you can do what you love.

Q: How do I get more work-life balance?

A: This is a huge complaint from doctors. They feel overworked and underpaid. Some are even forced to work weekends. Eight years of college and now someone is demanding you work nights and weekends? Achieving work-life balance takes some time and a careful plan. We have that plan and we’ll coach you on implementation. Successfully implemented, you can have more work-life balance and autonomy. Imagine being able to leave the office early to catch your kid’s game. Meanwhile, the practice continues to run, seeing everyone on the schedule. Feels good, right? We also won’t sugarcoat it: your practice will take work, but all really good things usually don’t come as easily as simply showing up.

Q: Do I have to see a 100 PV's a day (We do not charge only $20/adj and believe in fair exchange for services rendered)

A: No. HealthSource is not a ‘rack-em-and-crack’ model. We simply provide the very best care for outstanding patient outcomes. You tell us your goals and we’ll design the strategy. You can determine how many patients you’d like to see because it’s YOUR clinic. And by the way, since we provide a higher level of care, we tend to earn more for the care we provide.

Q: Who owns my clinic?

A: It’s your clinic and they’re your patients. You would own a franchise license to run your clinic inside Team HealthSource, but you own it completely.


Q: Can I treat my patients on how I want to treat them?

A: Yes. They are your patients. You treat them as you see fit. Our job is to ensure that you are kept up to date on what works best for your patients. We comb the science continuously and look for potential advancements. Those that prove great worth are added to the HealthSource training program. We help keep you current and then you use your expertise to determine the right treatment program for your patients.

Q: I hate the business of owning a clinic. How do you help?

A: Few chiropractors enjoy the business side of running a business, so you’re not alone. We have an extremely solid system for everything that typically goes on in a day. Part of that means someone has to be ‘looking at the numbers.’ Not only do we have robust reporting in the software you’ll use to quickly know where your clinic is doing great and where it needs improvement, but you’ll also have a Field Expert reviewing your clinic’s numbers routinely. Running a clinic can be daunting, especially as you get more successful. HS has a system to make the business side of owning your clinic, with weekly monitoring built-in, a much easier process, removing yet another uncertainty from your mind.

Q: Do you provide help with training my team?

A: Yes! We believe we have the most extensive training program for active practitioners today. We have HealthSource University, a concentrated training program for all new franchise owners. We also have over 800 online classes for every team member to gain extensive training. There is also a yearly in-person convention and a semi-annual Summit. At HS, we believe in constant and never-ending improvement. Training is how we deliver it.

Q: I don’t understand today’s rehab. It’s complicated. Why does HS do rehab?

A: One of our tenets is to always deliver the very best results to our patients. Rehab is essential to achieve this goal. Most patients come to see a DC because they’re in pain. To help fix a musculoskeletal injury, you simply must address the soft tissue component. Our active and functional exercise program makes it simple to prescribe the right rehab program for your patients, all based on a well-cited movement screen. Through our algorithm, we’ve made it simple to incorporate and it’s done by your rehab specialist.

Q: Does HealthSource help me with compliance?

A: YES! Between the ongoing training you receive from our clinical training department and that’s offered by our compliance officer, rest assured, you will be taught how to be highly compliant in today’s ultra- litigious world. From documentation to treatment, you will be immersed in an extremely compliant system.

Q: Does HealthSource tell me how to adjust or what technique to use?

A: NO. You went to school to be a chiropractor and you make the call about how to adjust your patients and what rehab to employ.

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