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No Chiropractic or Medical Experience Necessary

We Value Simplicity and Accessibility

Many chiropractors (and their staff!) reading this already know that running a practice on your own can be complicated. Each business is an island, and it’s up to them to come up with their own procedures, run their own marketing campaigns, and find and retain their own patients, among many other things. HealthSource wants to make things easier for these professionals and simplify the process of opening a new practice. Our time-tested business model is designed to eliminate wasted time and money while keeping you organized and helping you attract new business. Furthermore, our health and wellness franchise owners never need to worry about doing things alone – they can run their business with the confidence that comes from being part of a team, with expert advice and guidance every step of the way. Best of all, our streamlined business model translates to convenience for our patients. With convenient locations, standardized rates, and a system that works with many insurance providers, it’s easier than ever for potential patients to experience the benefits of chiropractic care.

You don’t have to do it alone, and with us, you won’t. It’s time to come off that lonely island and join our family of franchisees.

An Effective Business Model

One of the key ways we keep our healthcare franchises running smoothly is through the integration of a customized software system. This system is designed to make scheduling and billing a snap, helping our franchisees stay organized and on track. Furthermore, it provides franchisees with reports on their productivity, profitability, the efficacy of marketing campaigns, and much more!

Another important part of our business model is our network approach to doing business. Our franchisees are provided with regular ongoing training and instruction in best practices from highly-regarded chiropractors and industry specialists. Webinars and a consistently-updated cache of videos and other programs help our franchisees stay connected to the wider world of HealthSource outside of their practice. Best of all, they can reach out to our team when they have questions or need one-on-one feedback. At HealthSource, we work hard to ensure that no man is an island.

Lean on this business model and give yourself the break you deserve. With an investment in a HealthSource franchise, you can take a step away from work without suffering a financial hit due to your absence – something we know many practicing chiropractors and physicians running their own operation struggle finding time to do.

Attention to IndustryTrends

HealthSource chiropractic franchises stand out from the competition because we don’t offer solely chiropractic services-- nutritional counseling, massage, and supplement consultation are a few of the other services we provide, and are just as important for health as chiropractic. We’re always up to date on the most cutting edge wellness industry information & treatments to find new ways to help patients, and to better serve our existing patients. We believe in a whole-body approach to wellness, and strive to make each HealthSource franchise a one-stop shop to help our patients feel great. As the industry grows, HealthSource’s offerings are growing along with it. More and more young people are turning their attention towards and spending their money on holistic services like ours.


Chiropractic Care


Massage therapy


Physical Therapy


Corporate Wellness


Nutrition wellness

A Simple Process

Whether you’re looking to convert an existing chiropractic business, open a new practice, or purchase an existing HealthSource franchise, our years of experience in the industry have helped us refine the process and make it easier on our franchisees. We’re there to help every step of the way, from helping you market (or rebrand) your business to finding the perfect location to set up shop. You can learn more about the entire process of starting a new HealthSource chiropractic franchise here. All in all, it’s as simple as:


Contacting us

We’ll be in touch soon to learn more about your background and interest in our brand, and to tell you more about what we have to offer.


Doing some research

We’ll provide the fine print for you to review. Take your time! We’ll also be learning more about you and your background.


Learning the ropes

If you become a franchisee, you’ll take part in a comprehensive training that’s designed to prepare you to run your new business.


Opening for business

You’ll draw patients into your new practice by implementing a targeted marketing campaign. We’ll provide you with plenty of support along the way to keep things running smoothly.

Ready to learn more about opening a chiropractic franchise with HealthSource?

Take some time to review our website, and contact us when you’re ready.