About Us

Looking for a new business opportunity? Take some time to learn about HealthSource Chiropractic Franchise! Our brand has already proven itself a popular choice.


Our Brand Foundations

HealthSource was founded in 2006 by Dr. Chris Tomshack. Having found success for himself and the many patients he had treated over the years, Dr. Tomshack decided to leverage his business model into a franchise opportunity. One of the most important things to note about HealthSource Chiropractic Franchises is that we believe in whole-body wellness. While many people seek chiropractic care only after an injury, HealthSource offers a range of services to keep people feeling great day to day. From a business perspective, these services translate to multiple streams of income that effectively widen our reach of potential patients, and increase potential earnings.

What We Have to Offer Investors

Whether you come from a background in the chiropractic industry or not, we have a lot to offer potential investors. Chiropractors who opt to franchise with HealthSource are used to doing everything on their own. Billing, marketing, and scheduling all need to be handled in-house, and often at great expense. HealthSource offers chiropractors a streamlined system that can greatly simplify the way they do business. Our procedures, combined with proprietary resources like software, make it easier and more affordable than ever to manage administrative tasks. Best of all, we work with our franchisees to help them get new leads. If you’re a chiropractor who is looking for a more efficient way to do business, HealthSource can help. HealthSource also has a lot to offer investors with little experience in the industry. We help our franchisees find qualified employees to staff their new location, and we provide them with comprehensive training to teach them the ins and outs of the industry. One of the best things about a HealthSource Chiropractic Franchise for these investors is that our flexible business model allows for absentee ownership, allowing them to spend their time building their business while pursuing their own interests.


Outstanding Support

Since 2006, HealthSource has opened hundreds of new franchises, exposing communities across the U.S. to our unique brand of whole-body wellness. One of the reasons we’ve been able to facilitate this growth is our commitment to offering outstanding support to franchisees. Between annual conferences, ongoing research and development, and the strength of our brand name, we’re always working to make it as simple as possible to operate one of our clinics. Check out these success stories to learn more about HealthSource Chiropractic franchises that have performed exceptionally well thanks, in part, to our exemplary franchise support.
Ready to learn more about HealthSource Chiropractic Franchises? Contact us today!

Ready to learn more about HealthSource Chiropractic Franchises?

Contact us today!