Why HealthSource?

There are many great reasons to open a chiropractic business and partnering with HealthSource is a great way to ensure you make the most of your investment.


We Work with Franchisees from All Backgrounds

One of the best parts about franchising with HealthSource is that you don’t need a particular skill set to apply-- our business model is accessible to people of various careers and backgrounds. Regardless of your own experience, we’ll work with you to staff your clinic with a highly-qualified team. We’ll also give you access to many resources and tools to simplify the job of running your business.

That being said, many of our franchisees are chiropractors themselves. If you have a background running your own practice, you’ll likely find that many of your skills will transfer to your new HealthSource franchise. If you’re already working in the industry and are finding yourself exhausted with the day-to-day responsibilities of running a chiropractic business, you’ll likely find that our streamlined system could greatly simplify your job. 


A Highly-Regarded Brand

HealthSource has achieved remarkable growth since our inception in 2006. Patients love the wide range of services we offer, and franchisees love the ease with which they can open and operate their own chiropractic business. We’ve opened hundreds of franchises across the U.S., making ours a very recognizable brand. We’ve worked with countless patients in each of these locations, helping them to improve their quality of life. This is a great asset to our franchisees when they open for business, as many people in their community will already be familiar with who we are and what we stand for.


Industry Experts

As of 2017, the wellness industry was worth more than $4 trillion! With more growth expected in the coming years, now is a great time to invest. However, newcomers to the industry may worry that they lack the knowledge to make the right business decisions. Even experienced investors like practicing chiropractors may miss out on opportunities for growth as they focus on running their existing practices. One of the reasons HealthSource expanded so rapidly is the constant research we do into industry trends. The range of services we offer are all designed to tap into different consumer needs and demands. We’re always working to ensure that our franchises stay viable by offering products and services that patients want now, and we pay attention to industry sectors outside of chiropractic to inform our decisions. If you’ve been wanting to enter or expand your presence in the wellness industry, don’t go it alone – partner with HealthSource to ensure you’re making the most of your investment. 

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