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Do I have to be a Chiropractor to own a HealthSource Clinic?

No, you need not be a chiropractor to own a HealthSource franchise. In fact, we have a detailed training program consisting of HealthSource University, an online learning management system that teaches every facet of owning a chiropractic business, online, phone and in-office coaching and mentoring.

Our philosophy is that business skills are transferable to our model. Combining your existing skills with robust training delivers a firm operational skillset to enable you to manage your franchise effectively and efficiently. Entrepreneurs know that healthcare is traditionally a very sound investment, and chiropractic care is an excellent way to enter into the business side of healthcare.

In most states, you absolutely do not need to be a chiropractor to own a chiropractic clinic or franchise. There is a subset of states that do require ownership of the clinic be by a chiropractor. In those states, a specific model is followed to satisfy state statutes and allow HealthSource ownership by a non-chiropractor.

In our proprietary model of non-DC ownership, we pair you with a highly successful HealthSource chiropractor in mentorship style fashion designed to shave time off your learning curve and successfully integrate and coach your own chiropractor. We rise to the level of the expectations of our peer group, and we deliver to you and your chiropractor a peer group of motivated and successful HealthSource owners. This is designed for your success.

Why HealthSource is the Right Choice for a healthcare franchise

Americans spend over $134.5 Billion annually on neck & low back pain with over $15 Billion spent on Chiropractic Care*. That tells us there is a great deal of blue sky in which to grow into. Additionally, with over 65 million Americans suffering from chronic low back pain each year, the market for pain relief is extremely robust and ever present. It’s not going anywhere.

There are also over 100 million workers suffering from low back injuries annually, and a full service, state-of-the-art care program like HealthSource has provides a comprehensive solution to a huge problem. The HealthSource model welcomes people with work injuries and automobile accidents, thus creating two potentially very strong income sources.

Our 7 revenue streams, driven by providing comprehensive care to our patients, creates extremely strong metrics in terms of revenue per patient, far more so than other options in our industry. And once out of pain, our subscription-based wellness club converts many or our now pain-free patients into weekly or monthly wellness patients. This is recurring revenue into the practice each month, all on autopilot.

Over 60% of Americans who visited their Chiropractor utilized insurance and HealthSource welcomes those insurance-based patients. We also welcome cash-based patients. An extensive survey revealed a 99% patient satisfaction rate the world class care that HealthSource provides. That says a lot. Our care and operational systems are simply the best, and we endeavor to integrate applicable new technological advances to remain the best. With many prime locations available, a HealthSource franchise present a great investment opportunity for many entrepreneurs

What is the Earning Potential?

With HealthSource, you are not only helping many patients overcome their pain and inability to do what they love, you are also able to build a very profitable business doing so. As stated in item 19 of our FDD, HealthSource franchises average over $68 in revenue per treatment with our top quartile collecting over $96 per visit.

Our case average is well over $2400 per patient with our top quartile averaging over $3600 per patient care plan. HealthSource offers 7 ethically derived revenue streams that not only help our patients receive state-of-the-art care and subsequent results, but also provide great income to our HealthSource owners.

In addition, our average annual gross profit is $219,842**

We also offer to entrepreneurs a proprietary, first in the industry program that pairs investors with highly successful chiropractors to add another dimension to scaling the franchise and thus building an amazing business.

Why Our Patients Love HealthSource?

HealthSource franchised clinics received an over 99% satisfaction rating from our patients. This is not surprising since our motto has always been “Patients First.” When you deliver truly world class care and routinely exceed people’s expectations, the business grows.

Our patients love the thorough examination & x-rays our doctors provide which are designed to correctly identify the cause of their pain. Many tell us they’ve never had a better exam. Patients also love the availability of our state-of-the-art treatments and HealthSource branded nutritional supplements and products which are used to help them get back to doing what they love even faster.

Our patients greatly appreciate the fact that HealthSource accepts third party pay, private pay, cash as well as our subscription-based Wellness Club.

Why HealthSource Enjoys a High Staff Retention Rate?

At HealthSource, we do not work weekends or late evenings. In fact, we close for the weekend at 1:00 pm on Fridays. Our highly efficient scheduling and treatment system allows our franchised clinics to see a high volume of patients within a normal time schedule. This system also allows each clinic the ability to function quite well with one chiropractor instead of multiple doctors, reducing overhead expense.

Our chiropractors love the fact that they are given the freedom of performing a thorough examination, radiographic studies (if necessary), establishing an accurate diagnosis and prescribing the right treatment plan that may include chiropractic adjustments, functional rehab exercise, spinal decompression, laser, orthotics and nutritional supplements and products. HealthSource DC’s also greatly appreciate and depend upon the support and training they receive from our corporate team, inclusive of chiropractors mentoring chiropractors. They are always informed regarding current health news, new treatment options, new technology that may both improve patient outcomes and clinic profit and how to communicate even more effectively with their patients.

*JAMA. 2020 Mar 3; 323(9): 863–884 ** Item 19 of 2022 HS FDD This figure represents Gross Revenue minus royalties, Ad fund, Tech fees, employee wages, rent, utilities, and software

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