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Dr. Maziar Nejad DC MBA
Director of Development

Dr. Maz originally bought the massive HealthSource #1 in 2008 and went on to open several more clinics. He sold his interests to his business partner and joined the corporate team full-time in 2021. He has produced at the highest levels in chiropractic and has seen it all. Also a unicorn in our profession, he understands both chiropractic and business at the graduate level, and you’ll be learning more about HealthSource directly from this seasoned professional. He’ll immediately put you at ease and you’ll have a fun, relaxing, and informative conversation.

Why Chiropractors With Successful Operations Convert Their Current Practice To HealthSource or Choose To Invest In HealthSource Rather Than Launching Their Own Start Up Practice...

Opening and running a new business is not an easy feat and holds no guarantees. Deep potholes are everywhere. Opening a chiropractic practice is no different. It requires attracting patients who want your care and are willing to pay for it.

You must also differentiate yourself from the other DCs in your community and build a high-energy, well-trained, and motivated team that can provide top-shelf care, among many other responsibilities. HealthSource, America’s Chiropractor® has proven solutions for all of these challenges. When part of the HealthSource Family, you’re never alone.

Our chiropractic franchise offers the processes, training, new patient marketing, and ongoing support needed to build a dream practice that will eventually create the freedom to unplug from patient care so you can have more free time and enjoy a better work-life balance.

We have the solutions and systems that cover every facet of running a massively successful practice, and our six distinct revenue streams help patients heal better and provide owners with even better practice success.

Why Savvy Investors With The Ability To Invest Their Money In Many Different Opportunities Choose To Invest With HealthSource

Investing in healthcare and wellness has less risk and volatility when compared to other investment sectors.  When a patient is in pain, they are looking to get out of pain, no matter what the current economic situation is, whether that’s in good times or in times of recession.   When a patient has a need to get out of pain, they are searching for a solution and at HealthSource we provide our patients with the very best tools to get out of pain and back to doing what they love FAST.  

We are also positioned as a leader in both patient outcomes and business bottom line.  We have an average case value that far exceeds other Chiropractic Franchises, because we first get our patients out of pain with our most advanced technology and the only progressive rehab program in the industry. Then we provide our patients with ongoing treatment through our subscription based wellness club

Our current lifetime patient case value exceeds $2,400.00! *Source our FDD

8 Ways That We Make HealthSource A Wise Investment and THE Best Way To Get Your Patients On Their Path To Pain FREE!  

1. HealthSource’s Industry Leading Support System

We rewrote the rules to help chiropractors to build great practices that actually create more free time, not less. 

This is an industry first!  Imaging working for, or owning a clinic that sees more patients, gets amazing results, has high collections, generates strong new patient flow and doesn’t force you to work nights and weekends.  

Many clinics even finish up their weeks at 12:30 pm on Fridays!

2. HealthSource’s Operation System

We created a system that manages all the day-to-day operational challenges that chiropractors and their teams face.

Whether it’s following the scheduling system that eliminates office chaos, communication systems that help ensure your patients are well informed and know what is expected or our leadership systems that help you lead your team to greatness and reduce team turnover.  

Our operational systems lead to a better clinic and a better lifestyle for you and your patients. 

3. HealthSource’s Robust Done For You Marketing System:

Our highly skilled marketing team designs all the marketing campaigns and ads.  We then customize them for our clinics. 

Our team also places all of the ads for you.  Imagine the freedom of not worrying about how to market, who to hire to help you run marketing campaigns.  

Your job is to provide your patients with the very best care possible. 

4. HealthSource’s Next Generation Spinal Decompression

We believe in getting our patients back to doing what they LOVE faster and our doctors LOVE having the best tools! 

These tools include our 3rd generation spinal decompression to get their patients on the path to pain-free faster!

5. HealthSource’s Training System

Training new team members is time consuming and expensive.  

We’ve built a robust and complete operations and clinical training team that has created the industry’s first online training system with detailed material for every position in our clinics including the doctor, associate doctor, front desk, rehab specialist, billing and marketing.

6. HealthSource’s Progressive Rehab

We took the most evidenced based movement screen and functional corrective exercise program, then developed a computerized algorithm which then made corrective exercise rehab a simple and scalable process.  

Our corrective, functionally based exercise rehab is designed to get patients a whole new level of functional correction. 

7. HealthSource’s High-Powered Photo Biomodulation Laser 

HealthSource’s rehab specialists use high-powered photobiomodulation lasers to deliver even better healing and quicker functional restoration. 

Patients love the way that it feels immediately after treatment, and coupled with the care that our doctors provide it provides superior results in the shortest amount of time. 

8. HealthSource’s Doctor Mastermind & SuperCamp

We deliver to you a brand new peer group of like minded DC’s that all want to build the practice they’ve always dreamed of.

Plus each year we host our SuperCamp where all HealthSource team members gather to celebrate, learn and grow together!

You will rise to the level of the expectations of your peer group. At HealthSource we give you a new peer group to accelerate your success.

Take The First Step To Your Financial Freedom Today, Request Our Investors Guide and Schedule A Call With Dr. Maz, HealthSource's Director Of Development and 20+ Year HealthSource Owner and Corporate Team Member.

Hear Why HealthSource Doctors & Investors Are Smiling From Ear To Ear

I Re-Signed Up After 10 years For Another 10 years!

I'm Dr. Chad Cotter. 

I am the owner of Health Source of Littleton, Colorado. I joined HealthSource about 14 years ago. I did it because I wanted coaching, I wanted accountability, I didn't want to be alone. 

That kind of led me to HealthSource I picked HealthSource over some of the other ones because of the systems they had.  

It was complete, I really liked the model of adding exercises, some rehab to what what we're doing, and they had the best way to do that. They had a great system for patient management, and billing.  

Since then I've gotten I've learned so much more. 

I re-signed up after 10 years for another 10 years. 

I did that because it works, because I made more money. Because it made life easier in those ways, because I was able to grow and really do things that I wasn't able to do before I had learned the HealthSource systems. 

The support is second to none. You will not find a group of on the corporate level that supports the individual offices more than what I've seen with HealthSource.  

They're helping me grow still today. When I have problems I get help not just from the corporate office but also the dozens and dozens of other offices which I've gotten to know.  I get help on a regular basis from both other clinic owners and our corporate office. So if I could go back 13-14 years, whatever that was, I would do it again.

Dr. Chad Cotter 

HealthSource Of Littleton

Constants Support System, The Training Is Phenomenal

I've been a part of HealthSource for nine years now. 

There's a laundry list of things it’s done for me.

It's taken me from the struggling Doctor all by herself into a family.

There's a constant support system.

The training is phenomenal.

I think our branded products have huge value people smashing goals, hitting new records.

It's super inspiring, and it always helps me shape my vision. I can walk into my clinic every day knowing that I have the tools that I need to hit any goal I ever set for myself.

Dr. Alison Behnke 

HealthSource Of Lakeville

Our Business Has Almost Doubled In The Last 12 Months!

My name is Dr. Bob Griese. I've been with HealthSource for about two and a half years. 

I joined Health Source at the invitation of a friend.

And it was a great decision. Literally it changed my life.

My clinics been open almost two years now. And I've been in practice for about five years, I was seeking mentorship. The associate position that I was in wasn't necessarily giving me what I wanted long term. And so this was something that gave me the opportunity to have that mentorship and be a business owner for the first time. 

Things have been going great. Our business has almost doubled in the last 12 months, obviously, my greatest business accomplishment is helping as many patients as I can. So I mean, I would say first and foremost, it's that and then after that growing almost 100%, year over year is everything.

I feel like almost every week, and definitely every month, we're breaking records in all of our easy report categories, patient visits, new patients conversion percentage. We just last night did a weekly wrap up meeting, and we went over our easy report and it's another week new records and some of these things we were planning to hit later in the year and we're already heading them in January. 

The mentorship of my FPC and other HealthSource franchise owners the support of the operations training and marketing teams, especially through the CBR program, being able to meet with the operations team and talk about what's going on in my business. That's been huge.

Then the implementation through the weekly training with my team. Just finding out that they even existed throughout 2019 I met almost monthly, I've done a few of them at this point. Just even understanding what a P&L looks like, I had never looked at a P&L before. 

Having people look internally at my system and say, Hey, these are the things that you're doing really well keep doing them or maybe add a layer on top of them. And then here are some areas you're struggling. I mean, at my last CBR, they brought up something that I hadn't even seen, I didn't even know about and it's gonna save me a couple thousand dollars each month. So that's huge. 

I probably wasn't looking at my business, from an analytical perspective, the way that most business owners look at their business. In part, that's because I didn't know how rather than having to go through the painstaking process of learning it all by failure, which is what, you know, most people I think, in the chiropractic profession, if they learn it, they learn it that way over the course of 10 years.  I'd rather not go through that over 10 years, I'd rather do it in a year. 

Understanding a P&L and understanding how the HS Worx software can really help us to run our business more efficiently has just been tremendous. 

I feel like in every category that I aware of the CBRs have have helped me.  It's also about the amount that we put into it when we when we bring ourselves to that. And not just the numbers, not just your p&l and your easy report, but also like where your focus is at and your willingness to listen to a different perspective. So prior to my first one, about a year ago, I was pretty nervous. I didn't know what to expect. And my first one was a little rocky because they did ask questions that sometimes I didn't know the answer to. But the more comfortable that I became with them. It became like having a partner walking through the process of learning and improving my business. 

If you're, if you're afraid that it's someone scrutinizing something that feels very personal to you, because you love what you do, and you love your business. That's exactly what it is. But they're doing it out of a place of wanting you to see and wanting to see you succeed.  Because when one of us succeeds within HealthSource all of us succeed. I don't really feel like chiropractic school prepared me to run a business at all.  HealthSource in the time that I've been with them has taught me more about running a business than I had learned my entire life. My plan for 2020 is to keep growing at the same rate and I would say that it's through the CBR process and getting to know other franchisees that that's been possible. 

Dr. Bob Griese 

HealthSource Of Fairlawn

If You Join HealthSource, You're Not Going To Fail! 

Dr. Tomshack: Did you start off as an associate or did you start off owning your own clinic right away?


Dr. Jennifer Breuer:  I started as an associate, my first year was for a non HealthSource chiropractor. And I quickly knew that was not for me, and I went to be an associate at a HealthSource.


I did that for four years before owning my own.

Dr. T: Why did you choose this route, instead of just jumping right into your own practice?

Dr. Breuer: I wanted to learn from others. I knew that coming fresh out of school, I was not ready. I was not confident to open up my own practice, especially moving to a location that I was not from. So I put my head down. I learned as much as I could as an associate and I think it served me well.

Dr. T: Were the largest mistakes you made as an associate?

Dr. Breuer: The first one was probably not asking the right questions before I decided to work there. I thought everybody was as good hearted as myself. That was not the case. 

Second, I think just staying too long. 

I think that I was ready to open up my own. But it was just that fear factor going out on your own.  I needed a little push to get out of there. And I'm so glad I did.

Dr. T:  What was the push?

Dr. Breuer: It was you've learned all you can and you're ready. I'm like, No, I'm not like you're ready, go. Literally Fly. 

Dr. T: How long have you owned your own practice? 

Dr. Breuer: Since 2013. So nine years.

Dr. T: Your practice is quite successful today. You’ve done a phenomenal job.  How has HealthSource helped you build your practice to the level that it’s at today? 

Dr. Breuer: The biggest thing is the support, like HealthSource gives you so much support if you are willing to take it. Both from corporate and fellow colleagues.

I think me being part of the mastermind really helped me stop plateauing and giving me that extra push because you're constantly growing. I think that that was the biggest change for me over the last two to three years to hit that next level. 

And the training, like the training is second to none.


I know every Tuesday me and my team are training for three hours, we're going to train on what HealthSource put out. It's phenomenal.

You follow the training, you can't go wrong, and then we train on what we need to if it's something outside of that HealthSource training. 

Dr. T: What is your goal to grow for this year? 

Dr. Breuer: We’re pretty steady and we’re looking to grow 10-15%! 

Dr. T: What words of advice for a Dr. Who’s struggling along with a $300,000 - $500,000 practice?

Dr. Breuer:  Go see a HealthSource in action because once you see it, you’re going to want to be a part of it. I would say reach out to some of the HealthSource practices that you want to get to and learn from them.  It’s been golden for me! 

Dr. T: What advice would you give a doctor who is graduating and they do have the financial wherewithal or someone who is willing to back them to get into their own practice right away? 

Dr. Breuer: I would say be ready to work hard. Set your goals, go over the goals over and over and over again, and make sure that you're hiring like minded people who want the same goals that you do, and just be ready to put boots on the ground, make relationships in your community, and work hard.

Dr. T: If a doctor has the wherewithal to start their own practice, as opposed to associating would you recommend that route?

Dr. Breuer: It depends how confident you are. If you're confident in it, absolutely. If you're a little bit wishy washy, I would say, you know, either get with HealthSource, because they will give you the support. If you join HealthSource, you're not going to fail. 

Dr. Jennifer Breuer
HealthSource Of Plainfield, IL 

The Support From Everyone At The Corporate Office Is Second To None & We're Now Opening A Second Clinic!

Dr. Chris Tomshack - I have a very special guest, Dr. Devin from Athens, Alabama, who owns a very successful clinic, which we're going to talk about. First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself. How long have you been a chiropractor? 

Dr. Devin Eernisse - I am five years out of school. I started with HealthSource as a preceptor and my trimester 10 at Logan. After that, I became an associate at the same clinic for four years and have taken over this practice as the owner about a year ago.

Dr. T: So you bought it out? You bought it outright a year ago or a year and a half ago.  That's an interesting route that you've been at the same place ever since you graduated, then you bought it.  You bought a large practice.  Not only do you own a very large practice that is growing, but you also are part owner of a second practice just five years out of out of school.  

Can you explain what's going on there and how that came to be?

Dr. Eernisse: In the Huntsville area, we’re really looking to expand to expand HealthSource. There is a group of other me and other HealthSource chiropractors that are helping open another practice, we're going to have an associate that's there, who is eventually going to want to own that practice.

And so we're investing in that clinic so he can create his dream to eventually buy us out and own his practice of his dreams.

Dr. T: Outstanding. So not only are you building your own practice of your dreams, you're helping build another one which is ultimately going to build somebody else's practice other dreams and lifestyle of your dreams, right? Yes, that's giving back. You know, our profession has a long history of not treating associate doctors all too well. And you're doing the exact opposite. You're treating them as they should be treated, which is a trusted and gifted professional. Hats off. Well done. I love that model.

Why did you choose Athens, Georgia?

Why did you choose to preceptor there at that practice?

Dr. Eernisse: I love the Athens, AL area as in like the Huntsville area, it's a very growing city. There's a ton of jobs and a ton of people moving here. The growth potential was huge. The doctor that I used to work with Dr. Dan Daly, was an absolutely great mentor and taught me everything that I could learn. 

Plus, also having a bunch of other HealthSource offices in the area, it was just a very big support system.

Dr. T: Tell us about when you were a brand new associate, what were some of the biggest mistakes you made?

Dr. Eernisse: Fresh out of school, you don't get a lot of business aspect stuff. 

I had absolutely no experience with business. 

Also just being able to create a treatment plan. We get taught how to adjust and you get taught the therapies, but actually having the knowledge to be able to create all this, which was also a great thing, having that mentor because I want to know where to start on that.

Dr. T: Did your mentor Dr. Daly teach you about the business side of running a clinic?  

Dr. Eernisse: Dr. Daly and his wife Shelly. It was nice because he included me in everything. So a lot of reports that HealthSource has the easy report, they would take the time to sit down and go step by step statistic by statistic. And really make sure I understand it. And then just kind of all the behind the scenes. They included me in it.

Dr. T: Mentorship, it shave decades off the learning curve. 

Looking back because you bought this practice about a year and a half ago. It was already a good sized practice. Is the practice the same size, smaller or bigger than it was when you bought? 

Dr. Eernisse: Bigger. 

Dr. T: How did that happen?

Dr. Eernisse: One thing that I did when I took over as I joined the mastermind group that HealthSource has to offer. 

I really figured out, again, the business part of it, the small changes make a huge difference and just being able to dive in that way. 

But then also I was able to do the things that I wanted to do marketing wise and kind of make the environment and the office, how I wanted it. 

Dr. T: What would you tell a twenty something chiropractor who's thinking about HealthSource? 

You know either opening up a HealthSource clinic, or maybe they already have a clinic and you're thinking of converting it to HealthSource?  

Why don't you tell us from somebody like you that's grown up inside HealthSource?

What would you tell somebody like that confronted thinking about making one of those decisions? 

Dr. Eernisse: One of my favorite things is just the support that you have, from everyone at the corporate office, but then also the local offices, if there's an area that you're struggling in, people are willing to help you. They give you the systems that work. And so if you follow it the HealthSource way, that's the best way I've ever seen, just to be able to succeed and having the support.

Dr. T: What would you tell a brand new grad or a student getting ready to graduate? 

Do I associate?

Do I start my own? If I've got the financial wherewithal, what would you tell somebody, you know, a brand new grad, thinking about starting their own practice? 

What would you tell them?

Dr. Eernisse: Follow your heart. If you start as an associate, and that's where you're happy, and you want to eventually grow, follow that path. 

Go where you want, don't lock yourself in a bad situation.  

Find where you're happy. Whether that is associating or eventually owning, or even owning right out of school.

Dr. Devin Eernisse 

HealthSource Of Athens

It's Given Me The Ability To Pay Off My Student Loans!

HealthSource has done a lot for me financially, but really more personally, it's given me a new outlook on my future

My ability to pay off student loans

The marketing is great. It's good to have just a consistent drip of marketing. So you have some internet based leads coming in.

I mean, basically anything that I need related to the clinic they help me out.

I highly recommend 10 out of 10

Dr. Alex Waldeck

HealthSource Of Decatur

We're Very Successful, But It Was Always Labor Intensive...
Until We Joined HealthSource

We're very successful, but it was always labor intensive.

We were always working very hard felt like I was spinning my wheels just to keep things going. 

We're looking into a new program management software. 

At the same time, we had a friend who's a chiropractor who got into HeathSource and it sounded good. 

This potential of having systems and systems that can work for you where we don't have to keep reinventing the wheel.

Dr. Jason Rabinowitz

HealthSource Of Pensacola and Pace, FL 

We Were Profitable From The First Month That We Started. 

Last month and this month specifically, we broke records three weeks in a row! 

HealthSource has done a lot for me. 

They basically have allowed me to feel secure and comfortable in a practice. 

We were profitable from the first month that we started. 

I worked with another clinic and other HealthSource clinic initially, which I think is a way to go if you want to learn from other people's mistakes, but also take on their knowledge that they've gained through their mistakes as well. 

I think that's what makes us different and the family, our patients, our family, and we make sure that everyone feels like Norm from cheers when they walk in our door. It's hard, but I would totally do it.

Dr. Kristin Krueger

HealthSource Of Buffalo

The Ease Of Transition To Ownership For Us Was Amazing

We were able and fortunate to come in contact with people who had been doing this for a while.

The clinics were in place and being able to step in and kind of follow suit with him.

The ease of transition to ownership for us was amazing.

The Tuesday trainings are just wonderful because they keep us, focused, and guide us.  It helps us and our teams to all grow

Dr's Tatiana and Joel Sanders

HealthSource Of Cayce-West Columbia

HealthSource Made The Vision To Open Multiple Clinic A Reality For Me Again! 

I'm Dr. Jason Schroeder. 

I'm a Multi-Clinic owner operator. We have HealthSource of Franklin and HealthSource in Murfreesboro, which is in the Nashville area in Tennessee. 

I joined HealthSource for a really specific reason I've always had a big vision of multiple clinic, multiple clinics. And through the years, my vision kind of, it's became harder for me to envision the ability to do that. 

And so I was looking for a way to, to make this happen for me, and I just couldn't find the right fit. 

I couldn't find the right company or the right, whatever, to make it more of a reality for me to make that happen. 

I stumbled upon HealthSource, A friend of mine asked if I had heard of Dr. Tomshack.  I was like no, never heard of him.

As I started talking to Dr. T, the vision started coming in and the butterflies started coming in. And I started getting excited about opening multiple clinics again. And that is ultimately why I joined HealthSource because they made the vision a reality for me again.

I don't have to reinvent the wheel, we have systems in place to to open 100 clinics. So that's hopefully my goal. My big, hairy audacious goal of 100 clinics and I can say that HealthSource made that a reality for me again. 

I have loved the transition. 

We've been in HealthSource a little over a year now. Not only has it helped our clinics individually, but we are getting closer and closer to opening our third clinic and then from there four, five, six and beyond.

If you're if you're an owner out there who's had a big vision of wanting to do multiple clinics, and you're just not quite sure or if you’ve gotten to the point we just don't know if you could do it all by yourself. I'd highly recommend talking to these guys. 

They can make it a reality for you just like they’re about to make it a reality for me.

Dr. Jay Schroeder

HealthSource Of Franklin

I Can't Imagine If I was Not With HealthSource Going Through All Of These Things, My Practice Would Have Tanked...

Hi, I'm Dr. Sarah Jacobs, owner of HealthSource of Huntsville at Merchants Walk in Alabama. 

I can tell you from every fiber of my being that HealthSource has really changed my life. 

There is an unfortunate statistic that 80% of females, chiropractors will leave the field within the first five years of being in practice. 

I was one of those after being an associate for three years, I left the field, never to return, I had no desire to return to chiropractic. 

In that time, I started a family and had two girls. Shortly after my youngest daughter was born, an opportunity fell on my lap with a HealthSource office as an associate doc. 

To be honest, I remember sitting in the parking lot talking to my mother in law, about to go into this job interview and telling her I don't even want to go in. I know I don't want to get back in chiropractic. I don't even want to go in. 

She said, just go in, it would be a good learning experience. If nothing else. 

I kid you not the second I walked in, I thought to myself, well, I'm getting back in chiropractic. 

Because everything that I was looking for, was within HealthSource. Rehab has always been a big part of my passion. And they incorporate the rehab, the supplements, they have training, like systems for everything for training, marketing, everything has a system to it.

I didn't have to reinvent any wheels, everything was already set for me. 

I accepted that position. And I was there for a year. And then I opened my own clinic very close to where I live. 

And if you'd have asked me, you know, 10 years ago, I would say no, that's never gonna happen. 

But it was one of the best things that I've ever done. 

Then during that time I worked my tail off in this startup clinic. I’m not going to say that things are just handed to you, you have to work for it. But all the systems are in place for you. 

During this time, once I got my practice up and going, there were many trials that we went through as a family. 

My husband beat cancer twice, there was a third round where thankfully it wasn't cancer, but we found something in his lung so that was another round of challenges.

I had to have hip surgery, like all these things, while I'm a solo doc. 

And I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, if it wasn't for HealthSource’s systems, and all of this support, I can call anybody in our corporate office, they'll know me by name, they know my team, they will will offer any help that I need is just unbelievable.  That I can't imagine if I was not with HealthSource going through all of these things, my practice would have tanked.

But instead, I went through all these very hard personal challenges. 

And my office grew and grew and grew.

Now I have a very successful practice. 

I can have that balance of my family life and my work life. 

So when I'm at work, I'm plugged in and go, go, go, go go. But then I also can have my family life where I have my double yellow line rules that this is my family time and how that balance, which I think a lot of especially female docs feel like it's impossible to have that balance, but with HealthSource and everything they have to offer it makes it possible.

Dr. Sarah Jacobs

HealthSource Of Huntsville at Merchants Walk

Take The First Step To Your Financial Freedom Today, Request Our Investors Guide and Schedule A Call With Dr. Maz, HealthSource's Director Of Development and 20+ Year HealthSource Owner and Corporate Team Member.


You’ve got questions about our chiropractic franchise, and the HealthSource, America’s Chiropractor® team has the answers. 

It’s important that our new franchisees have as much information as possible about our business and the ownership experience before opening or converting their clinics.

Below we'll answer a few of the most common questions, along with the answers.

Browse through them at your convenience and then you and Dr. Maz can discuss any other questions you may have.

Do I have to be a chiropractor in order to become a HealthSource owner?

Although most, but certainly not all, of our franchise owners are chiropractors, you need not be a chiropractor to own a HealthSource franchised clinic.

How can joining HealthSource be beneficial?

HealthSource offers a truly turn-key systemized approach to launching a new clinic or converting an existing clinic to one that is extremely efficient and delivers best-in-class patient outcomes.

Our robust clinical and operational training department has built a dynamic, always evolving training system with over 800 video-based classes, all designed to upgrade both the doctor and the team into one that delivers excellence in all realms of running a successful chiropractic practice.

The HealthSource marketing team then creates a clinic-specific strategy with one goal in mind: attract great new patients in sufficient quantity and quality to build the practice of their dreams.

All digital-based marketing is even placed for the clinic owners, freeing them up to do what they love. Additionally, all owners receive in-person mentorship and coaching to shave decades off the learning curve towards building their dream.

What is the initial investment for a HealthSource Chiropractic Clinic?

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a new, single start-up clinic franchise ranges from $183,816 to $335,917. The total investment necessary to begin operation of an existing chiropractic clinic converted to a HealthSource Chiropractic Clinic franchise ranges from $52,116 to $237,517. Both options includes the initial franchise fee. Additional insight can be found on item 7 of the current Franchise Disclosure Document. Please visit the investment page for additional information.

I am starting from scratch. How does that work?

This scenario is considered a new launch franchise.

Once a member of the HealthSource Family, we get busy and go to work. We start by working with you to select a community and a site. Then we work with you, even drawing your highly efficient floor plan design.

Then we work with you and your general contractor to build your dream office, all leading to a detailed Grand Opening. Most importantly, your training begins right away, so you can engage in the learning process that can lead towards building your dream practice.

I already have a office. How does that work?

This is called a conversion franchise.

Once you are a member of the HealthSource Family, we work with you to ensure your floor plan is efficient and can deliver our best-in-class patient outcomes.

We'll show you exactly how to rebrand your clinic to the beautiful HealthSource brand while simultaneously engaging the learning management system of over 800 video-based classes that we call Cortex.

As mastery of our more basic systems is attained by you and your team, we'll show you how to announce to your community that your HealthSource clinic is ready to serve them, as communicated with a Grand Reopening strategy.

Meanwhile, a multi-channel marketing strategy will be designed for you to help attract even more new patients.

Will HealthSource help me attract more new patients?

Yes, we will.

We build a customized marketing calendar designed just for your territory.

We discuss it with you, fine-tune it, and launch it. In fact, with most of the marketing, our team not only creates the materials and then customizes them for your office, but we also place the marketing for you.

This is one huge headache removed and one less thing to stress over. Let us do most of the work for you so you can do what you love.

How do I get more work-life balance?

This is a huge complaint from doctors.

They feel overworked and underpaid. Some are even forced to work weekends. Eight years of college and now someone is demanding you work nights and weekends?

Achieving work-life balance takes some time and a careful plan. We have that plan and we’ll coach you on implementation. Successfully implemented, you can have more work-life balance and autonomy. Imagine being able to leave the office early to catch your kid’s game.

Meanwhile, the practice continues to run, seeing everyone on the schedule. Feels good, right?

We also won’t sugarcoat it: your practice will take work, but all really good things usually don’t come as easily as simply showing up.

Do I have to see a 100 Patient Visits a day? 

No. HealthSource is not a ‘rack-em-and-crack’ model.

We simply provide the very best care for outstanding patient outcomes. You tell us your goals and we’ll design the strategy.

You can determine how many patients you’d like to see because it’s YOUR clinic.

And by the way, since we provide a higher level of care, we tend to earn more for the care we provide.

Who owns my clinic?

It’s your clinic and they’re your patients.

You would own a franchise license to run your clinic inside Team HealthSource, but you own it completely.

Can I treat my patients on how I want to treat them?

Yes. They are your patients.

You treat them as you see fit. Our job is to ensure that you are kept up to date on what works best for your patients. We comb the science continuously and look for potential advancements. Those that prove great worth are added to the HealthSource training program.

We help keep you current and then you use your expertise to determine the right treatment program for your patients.

I hate the business of owning a clinic. How do you help?

Few chiropractors enjoy the business side of running a business, so you’re not alone. We have an extremely solid system for everything that typically goes on in a day.

Part of that means someone has to be ‘looking at the numbers.’ Not only do we have robust reporting in the software you’ll use to quickly know where your clinic is doing great and where it needs improvement, but you’ll also have a Field Expert reviewing your clinic’s numbers routinely.

Running a clinic can be daunting, especially as you get more successful.

HealthSource has a system to make the business side of owning your clinic, with weekly monitoring built-in, a much easier process, removing yet another uncertainty from your mind.

Do you provide help with training my team?

Yes! We believe we have the most extensive training program for active practitioners today.

We have HealthSource University, a concentrated training program for all new franchise owners. We also have over 800 online classes for every team member to gain extensive training.

There is also a yearly in-person convention and a semi-annual Summit. At HealthSource, we believe in constant and never-ending improvement.

Training is how we deliver it.

I don’t understand today’s rehab. It’s complicated. Why does HS do rehab?

One of our tenets is to always deliver the very best results to our patients.

Rehab is essential to achieve this goal.

Most patients come to see a DC because they’re in pain. To help fix a musculoskeletal injury, you simply must address the soft tissue component.

Our active and functional exercise program makes it simple to prescribe the right rehab program for your patients, all based on a well-cited movement screen.

Through our algorithm, we’ve made it simple to incorporate and it’s done by your rehab specialist.

Does HealthSource help me with compliance?

YES! Between the ongoing training you receive from our clinical training department and that’s offered by our compliance officer, rest assured, you will be taught how to be highly compliant in today’s ultra-litigious world.

From documentation to treatment, you will be immersed in an extremely compliant system.

Does HealthSource tell me how to adjust or what technique to use?

NO. You went to school to be a chiropractor and you make the call about how to adjust your patients and what rehab to employ.

I have a "ton" of student loan debt, can I still open a clinic?

Unfortunately there are many DC's that have been practicing for years that still have a large amount of student loan debt, along with many newly graduated DC's.  

The good news is that at HealthSource we have a couple of options for ambitious DC's that might be in this position. Each case is slightly different, so it's best to speak directly with Dr. Maz to understand your current situation, and look at the available options. 

We are an SBA approved franchise, which also opens up additional ways for to make owning the practice of your dreams a reality! 

Let's talk today.

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