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Expansion Opportunities with Our Chiropractic Franchise

If you’re a chiropractor that has painstakingly built a highly successful practice, our ‘Own Multiple Clinics’ program may just be what you need to continue your evolution as a business owner while learning how to unplug from patient care at will, allowing you the freedom to ‘get off the tables’ whenever you desire, or even permanently. Taking this step can allow you to also pursue multiple clinic ownership in a highly profitable manner while working less hours than a practicing DC.

First, we would teach you and your team the best operational systems in chiropractic today. You’ve probably already built systems that have served you well, but our systems will lay the groundwork to remove the dependence on your personality delivering all the care. We’ll train your team to become even more valuable to you and your practice, freeing you up to master our advanced systems. These advanced systems are what can allow you to retire from patient care 100%, 50%, or whatever your vision is for yourself. Once achieved, now you can either enjoy more free time and work-life balance, or you can invest some of this new time into launching new clinics.

What Owners Are Saying

Read through some of their testimonials below to get a better idea of what to expect when you become a HealthSource chiropractic franchise owner.

“If your practice is not where you want it to be, HealthSource will work for you. If your practice is where you want it to be and you want growth, HealthSource will work for you. If you have a ...”

- Dr. Andy Konz

“We were always working hard, and I felt like I was constantly spinning my wheels just to keep things going. This potential of having systems that could work for you where you don’t have to keep ...”

- Dr. Jason Rabinowitz
Build a Vast Chiropractic Empire With HealthSource

Using our Learn, Earn and Own program, we’ll show you how to build and launch new clinics and then sell them to your associate doctors at a preprogrammed set point and at a predetermined purchase price. Everything is transparent and upfront, thus building more confidence in your associate doctor. It’s a phenomenal way to build a much larger business for yourself while helping so many more people through the principle of leverage or you can build multiple clinics and hold them. The choice is yours!

This program is for the top 10% of the profession, and just maybe, it’s for you too.

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