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The Logical Choice Among Chiropractic Franchises

The world today is complex and getting more so each year. Opening and running a new business is not an easy feat and holds no guarantees. Deep potholes are everywhere. Opening a chiropractic practice is no different. It requires attracting patients who want your care and are willing to pay for it. You must also differentiate yourself from the other DCs in your community and build a high-energy, well-trained, and motivated team that can provide top-shelf care, among many other responsibilities. HealthSource, America’s Chiropractor® has proven solutions for all of these challenges. When part of the HealthSource Family, you’re never alone.

Our chiropractic franchise offers the processes, training, new patient marketing, and ongoing support needed to build a dream practice that will eventually create the freedom to unplug from patient care so you can have more free time and enjoy a better work-life balance. We have the solutions and systems that cover every facet of running a massively successful practice, and our six distinct revenue streams help patients heal better and provide owners with even better practice success.

Unrivaled Training & Support

At HealthSource, whether it’s a new launch or a conversion practice, we want to set our new franchise owners up for success. That requires providing comprehensive training for all positions to make sure that the entire team is fully prepared to welcome patients through their doors and provide them with the HealthSource difference on day one. Our training system is second to none, with over 800 online classes as well as in-person, virtual, Zoom, group, and other forms of state-of-the-art training.

Our robust marketing strategy will help put your clinic in front of the eyes of people that really need your help. A few of our marketing tenets include:

  • Marketing materials that are customized to your clinic
  • Digital ads that are placed for you, complete with retargeting campaigns for maximum impact
  • Social media marketing for multi-channels
  • Reactivation campaigns to entice patients to return for additional services
  • Quarterly marketing strategies for your clinic
  • In-clinic marketing

When you open your HealthSource chiropractic franchise, we want you to be able to focus on what you do best: providing the very best care to your patients. With the help of our team, you will have to do surprisingly little in the marketing arena, freeing you up to do what you love.

Our CEO, Chris Tomshack, DC, provides an overview of what chiropractors gain by joining the HealthSource Family:

50% Active Care & 50% Wellness

If your practice is only made up of active care patients, you’re constantly in need of more and more new patients. This is exhausting, expensive, and results in a frenzied pace. When your practice has a balance of active and wellness care patients, your clinic becomes more fun, less stressful, and more profitable. Best of all, your community benefits from real wellness care with you as their trusted doctor.

At HealthSource, we are always combing through literature looking for improvements in providing the very best outcomes for our patients. Only methods that pass our rigorous alpha and beta testing get rolled out to our doctor owners and their teams. After all, when you’re in practice full time, how are you supposed to test all the new technology that’s constantly being developed? It just isn’t possible. We do that for you, leaving you to run a great practice – and one that is always state of the art.

Always Offering the Most Advanced Care

New discoveries are being made every day in the chiropractic industry. HealthSource is always on top of any advancements in patient care to ensure our clinics are always at the forefront of our industry. Our team combs through the science to see what new advancements have the results and the science to suggest they should be part of your proverbial toolkit of patient care options. To some degree, we upgrade our treatment options every year, ensuring our chiropractic franchise owners have the confidence that their clinics are offering the best care in their communities. It’s about providing the very best care in a high-energy, vibrant, and growing practice.

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Branded Programs

HealthSource has developed programs to build lasting relationships with patients and reach a whole new demographic — helping clinics to provide the type of services consumers demand today. These programs also provide yet another source of income for our franchise owners.

HealthSource is so much more than just a provider of chiropractic services. We focus on improving our patients’ overall health through chiropractic, rehab, nutrition, and wellness care. It’s today’s modern chiropractic practice.

Subscription Based Wellness Club

Sports Therapy for Injuries and Performance

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