Interview With HealthSource CEO/Founder: Dr. Chris Tomshack

CEO of HealthSource, Dr. Tomshack, Talks about the Uniqueness of HealthSource Franchise

After building a private chain of chiropractic clinics for years based around giving patients the most advanced care possible, HealthSource started franchising in 2006. Meet Dr. Chris Tomshack, CEO of HealthSource chiropractic health franchise. In this interview, he details what sets HealthSource apart from the competition, and why now is an exciting time to join our passionate team of franchise owners.

Chris Tomshack

What is HealthSource?

HealthSource is the preeminent brand that exists within chiropractic today, and what separates us from the other Chiropractic Clinics out there is the fact that what we do is research-forward. We comb the research every single year. We are looking for the most efficacious advancements in how to get people better, quicker, and so they can stay better longer. From that standpoint, we are far and away the most advanced brand that exists within chiropractic today.

What makes HealthSource unique?

What sets HealthSource apart from the other experiences that people can have at another chiropractic clinic is very straightforward. It’s the level of care that we provide, and it’s the type of care that we provide. At a typical chiropractic clinic, it’s kind of a one-size-fits-all approach. They rely most heavily on adjusting the spine or manipulation of the articulations within the skeletal system, which is all well and good. But that’s only 1/7 of the care. That’s 1/7 of the care that HealthSource provides.

So when a brand new patient walks into HealthSource, the experience is totally different, especially if they’ve been to another chiropractic clinic, because what they see is state of the art. They see high-powered lasers in action, they see people with herniated discs, getting on our third generation spinal decompression machine, and getting off smiling and laughing, moving and twisting and turning where they couldn’t moments before. They see people getting better, and they see people engaged in our active functional rehab program, which utilizes a proprietary algorithm that we designed. It designs an absolutely tailor-made strengthening program, so that a patient’s weaknesses and injuries can be rehabilitated as quickly and as efficiently as humanly possible. They see branded nutrition.

They see people and patients being treated like they matter, like they care, and they’re all treated differently. In other words, every patient has a unique treatment program that is the most advanced program available, so they get the best results possible. They see people that are happy with their chosen source.

What are some of the benefits for franchisees?

Within the HealthSource system, our marketing team has one mission in mind — their burning mission, what they wake up thinking about, what they go to bed thinking about, and that is: How do we help drive more new patients into each individual HealthSource franchise clinic? Because it doesn’t matter how good the system is or how good the clinical systems are, and ours are the best. Nothing matters unless there are people coming through the door, so our marketing team lives and breathes everything about driving and attracting more new patients to our brand. That makes the franchisee experience that much more bountiful, and reduces some of the stress.

With respect to some of the tools, we have a proprietary software system that we run, so we’re not running one of the off the shelf systems that pretty much everybody else uses. Ours drives the most advanced statistical package that exists within chiropractic. In short order, we can take a look at the metrics or the KPIs within a practice, and within a minute know exactly what the strengths are, and what the weaknesses are. We then know how to effectively coach and lead that franchisee to get over whatever sticking point they’re running into, so they can achieve their vision.

What is the franchise culture like?

The HealthSource franchise culture is extremely unique. We are one large family. There are truly a lot of people who will give that type of terminology, that type of verbiage, and a lot of lip service. We live and breathe it. So for instance, we’ve got several mastermind groups within the HealthSource system. One of them is called the Panthers, that’s our top level group. The Panthers is a group that flies in three times a year, and we train intensively for two days at a time.

We’ve all heard the adage that if you look around at your inner circle of five people, that’s about as successful as you’re going to be relative to their level of success. In other words, this is supposed to be as successful as they are. That’s about how much you’re going to grow. So we help add new people into that inner circle, and inside of all of our franchisees’ lives, we do that through our mastermind groups. And when we do that, we see amazing growth.

healthsource  Chris Tomshack

As a matter of fact, the members of our mastermind group double the growth of non-mastermind members. Why? Because we alter that inner circle of advisers, and that helps build that culture of ‘hey, we’re in this together’, no one’s out there running their business all on their own. We have other people we can talk to, we have other people we can communicate with. We have texting threads that run all day and all night long. When I wake up and I wake up early, I’m already 24–25 texts behind, and we’ve got to catch up and find out exactly what’s going on. The corporate team all offers insight and support through those processes as well. So HealthSource support, it never ends. This is what we do from morning to night, it helps drive the visions of each one of our franchisees.

What are you most proud of when it comes to your experience with HealthSource?

The two things that I’m most proud of about the HealthSource brand and the HealthSource family are very, very cool. So number one is, and I visit a lot of clinics, when I walk into one of our franchise locations and a patient stops me and tells me how much better their experience is inside of HealthSource than in the other healthcare facilities they’ve been to. Brings tears to my eyes still today. It happened again yesterday. It happens all the time. That makes me extraordinarily proud.

The other thing that makes me happy, and also extraordinarily proud, is when a franchise owner tells me that they are at a level of success that they never dreamed humanly possible. And that also touches me, because that’s why we do what we do. It’s not just to build businesses, it’s to change lives and improve lives. and help people achieve their dreams, and to help people live their dreams. That’s what really makes me proud.

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