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Comprehensive Training and Ongoing Support

Investing in a franchise is an exciting opportunity, but it’s crucial to choose a franchisor with a strong history that also offers comprehensive training and ongoing support. That’s where HealthSource stands out from the competition. HealthSource is committed to equipping our franchisees with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to grow in the dynamic healthcare industry. From the initial discovery process to comprehensive training and ongoing support, HealthSource franchise is dedicated to helping franchise owners thrive. Let’s explore the training and support programs that make HealthSource a preferred choice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

“As a HealthSource franchisee, it’s kind of nice to know that yes, you are the owner of the clinic, you are the owner of your own business. And you are also receiving so much hand holding by the staff of the HealthSource home office,” says Dr. Maz Nejad, Director of Development. “We hold your hand through the entire process of finding a location, finding talent for your clinic and business, but also how to market and how to run the systems and operations, everything is included. We also perform onsite visits to offer even more support. And we will be working together to make you as successful as possible.”

Discovery Day: Unveiling the HealthSource Franchise Opportunity

For prospective franchisees interested in joining the HealthSource franchise family, Discovery Day provides a valuable opportunity to gain in-depth insights into the franchise opportunity. During this informative event, attendees learn about the key differentiators that set HealthSource apart from competitors. The session includes an overview of the business model, the seven unique revenue streams, and the extensive support system provided to franchise owners.

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Discovery Day offers a glimpse into the streamlined systems and processes that form the foundation of HealthSource’s growth. From marketing strategies to operational excellence, attendees gain a comprehensive understanding of how HealthSource supports its franchisees in achieving their business goals. By attending Discovery Day, prospective franchisees can make an informed decision about joining the HealthSource franchise family.

The LEO Program: Learn, Earn, Own

HealthSource recognizes the importance of helping chiropractors establish their own businesses within the HealthSource system. The LEO program, which stands for Learn, Earn, & Own, provides an exceptional opportunity for chiropractors to work their way toward owning a HealthSource franchise after gaining valuable experience within the organization.

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Under the LEO program, chiropractors can start as a clinical director or associate doctor in an existing HealthSource clinic, where they receive hands-on training and mentorship from experienced professionals. This immersive learning experience allows chiropractors to understand the intricacies of the HealthSource system and witness its effectiveness firsthand. Through the LEO program, chiropractors can develop their skills, build their patient base, and gradually transition toward owning their own HealthSource franchise with their employer as their sponsor and mentor in earning their very own HealthSource clinic.

By offering the LEO program, HealthSource ensures that franchisees have a deep understanding of the company’s streamlined system, operational processes, and commitment to exceptional patient care. This unique approach in franchising allows chiropractors to establish their businesses gradually, minimizing risks while maximizing their potential for growth.

Role-Specific Initial Training

HealthSource franchise has built the very first online learning management system inside the chiropractic industry. Cortex is the most robust learning program that exists in the field today. We have over 900 video courses designed to help train and onboard every single team member, both for when your HealthSource launches and when you begin to scale. No matter what someone’s role is within HealthSource, Cortex contains a wealth of knowledge available to them that’s specific to their role.

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Our training programs cover every aspect of the business, including:

  • Front desk communication and procedures
  • Doctor consultation, exam, and how to convey findings
  • Billing and collections
  • Rehab protocols and communication
  • Clinic management and operations
  • Much, much more!

Ongoing Support: Tuesday Training and Field Expert Visits

HealthSource believes in the power of continuous learning and improvement. To support franchisees in their journey, HealthSource provides ongoing training and support through various initiatives, such as weekly clinic training meetings, scheduled conferences, and annual franchisee meetups. One such initiative is our Tuesday Training sessions held each week at every clinic. These sessions serve as a platform to share best practices within each clinic, introduce new techniques, and enhance the cohesion of your HealthSource team.

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In addition to regular training sessions, HealthSource employs a team of field experts who visit franchise locations on a routine basis. These experts evaluate clinic operations, provide feedback, and identify areas for improvement. Through this personalized approach, HealthSource ensures that franchisees receive tailored support and guidance based on their specific needs and challenges. Field expert visits serve as a valuable resource for franchisees to optimize their operations, enhance patient care, and maximize their business potential.

With HealthSource’s comprehensive training and ongoing support programs, franchisees have the confidence and resources to grow in the competitive healthcare industry. The combination of initial training, the LEO program, and ongoing support mechanisms empowers franchisees to deliver exceptional chiropractic care while building thriving businesses. HealthSource stands alongside our franchisees through every step of the way, providing the tools and support needed to achieve their professional goals.

Learn More About Owning A HealthSource Franchise

Take advantage of the training and support offered by HealthSource and embark on a rewarding journey as a healthcare entrepreneur. Join the HealthSource franchise family today and unlock the potential for growth in the chiropractic industry. Fill out our form here to start a conversation and receive more information about the HealthSource franchise opportunity.

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