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Revolutionizing Patient Care

Since its inception in 2006, HealthSource has grown from a private chain of chiropractic clinics to a thriving franchise network, revolutionizing the way patients receive advanced care. Driven by a commitment to exceptional patient outcomes and a unique business approach, HealthSource has established itself as a trusted brand in the health and wellness sector. Join us on this journey as we explore the brand’s early days, our current position, and our ambitious plans for the future.

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Our Genesis and Entrepreneurial Mindset

HealthSource’s story began years before its official establishment in 2006. Dr. Chris Tomshack, CEO and Founder of HealthSource, shares that the brand’s genesis was rooted in the experience of building a private chain of chiropractic clinics. Dr. Tomshack’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for providing advanced care to patients laid the foundation for what HealthSource would become.

The brand’s initial focus was working predominantly with chiropractic owners. However, recognizing the potential for growth and impact, HealthSource shifted its approach towards attracting entrepreneur- or business investor-minded owners. This strategic move was driven by the belief that the healthcare industry, including chiropractic care, presented a vast segment of untapped growth opportunities.

Scalable Business Model and Continuous Improvement

HealthSource’s scalability is a key attribute that sets it apart in the industry. Our brand’s roots lie within the business community, based on a rare combination of chiropractic expertise and a deep understanding of business principles. By marrying clinical knowledge with effective business systems, HealthSource has created a highly scalable and adaptable model.

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Director of Development Dr. Maz Nejad has this to say about HealthSource’s scalability: “We have the advanced systems in place for our franchisees to expand into multiple locations. Many of our franchisees already own multiple units and are looking to add more. With HealthSource advanced systems, operations, marketing, ongoing support and training, it makes it a lot easier for our franchisees to own and operate multiple clinics.”

Our commitment to continuous improvement is evident in our approach to evolving the business and clinical systems. Drawing inspiration from proven practices in other industries, HealthSource constantly seeks out innovative strategies and techniques that can be tailored to the healthcare sector. These continuous refinements and enhancements ensure that our business model becomes better with each passing year, benefiting both franchisees and patients.

Advanced Clinical Systems and Revenue Streams

HealthSource’s progress is fueled by our advanced clinical systems and the diversification of revenue streams. We offer seven unique avenues to treat patients, each based on annual research, cutting-edge technology, and a focus on superior clinical outcomes. These revenue streams not only provide exceptional patient care, but also drive higher revenue potential for clinic owners.

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Technology Driven Treatment

HealthSource recognizes that the healthcare landscape is constantly evolving. With a deep understanding of the importance of technology, we pioneer the adoption of new advancements in patient care. From high-powered class IV lasers to third-generation spinal decompression machines, HealthSource leverages technology to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients.

Holistic Approach

HealthSource’s clinical systems go beyond traditional chiropractic care. We integrate multiple treatment modalities, including rehabilitation, nutritional counseling and products, spinal decompression, orthotics, and more, creating a comprehensive and holistic approach to patient care. This unique combination of services sets HealthSource apart from our competitors and ensures exceptional results.

Revenue Streams

HealthSource’s seven revenue streams offer franchisees diverse opportunities to drive revenue growth. From providing chiropractic services and rehabilitation to offering nutritional products and sleep aid supplements, the brand’s multifaceted approach allows franchisees to tap into different market segments and expand their business potential.

Future Plans and Expansion

HealthSource’s future is brimming with possibilities. Driven by our commitment to innovation, clinical excellence, and franchisee growth, we’re aiming to further expand our presence in the healthcare industry. By leveraging emerging technologies, conducting research and development, and adapting to evolving market trends, HealthSource is dedicated to our continued growth and an increased footprint in the global healthcare arena.

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“There has been a tremendous amount of interest in HealthSource because of our revenue growth and available prime locations in many regions” says Dr. Maz Nejad, Director of Development for HealthSource. “Our overall franchise revenue actually grew during COVID, and we’ve continued to grow since then. Providing exceptional care combined with great revenue potential is very attractive to investors and other franchisee prospects.”

Join the HealthSource Franchise Family

The HealthSource story is one of passion, innovation, and a commitment to patient care. From our origins as a private chain of chiropractic clinics to our current position as a thriving franchise network, HealthSource has continually evolved and improved. With our scalable business model, advanced clinical systems, and diversified revenue streams, HealthSource is poised to make a lasting impact in the healthcare industry. Join us on this remarkable journey and become part of the HealthSource franchise family, where entrepreneurial spirit meets exceptional patient outcomes.

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