Interview With HealthSource Franchise Owner: Dr. Stewart Fresh

Dr. Fresh and His Experience as a Top HealthSource Franchise Owner

Dr. Stewart Fresh, HealthSource franchise owner in South Louisiana, worked as a chiropractor for 17 years, running a fully functioning clinic before utilizing HealthSource to get his business to the next level. Now, he loves getting to help other entrepreneurs and chiropractors build up their businesses so they can help even more patients. Find out why he chose HealthSource and the benefits franchisees can expect to receive in the following interview.

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Why franchise with HealthSource?

For us, the reason we chose HealthSource was because we came up here for what was called Discovery Day. It’s an opportunity to see the corporate office, meet the people that are behind it, and a chance to meet Dr. Tomshack. After sitting down with him and seeing what his vision was, for us, it fell in line with what our vision was. We knew we wanted to grow. I just didn’t know how to grow. I really didn’t know, at that point, what my growth would be, or how to make my practice bigger.

That was the thing for us that led us to HealthSource, was the question of how do we duplicate? What do we do, and what’s the plan for that? So coming up here for Discovery Day, meeting Dr. Tomshack and seeing that vision connecting with what we were looking for, that was it. It was a good fit for us. And it’s been amazing for us in the short three years that we’ve been with HealthSource. It’s made a huge difference for us, professionally, and personally. Sometimes stress in the business can lead to stress elsewhere. So anytime you’ve got help, you’ve got a system and procedures to fall back on. It definitely simplifies things and makes it easier to move through life, whether you’re at work, or whether you’re at home. It’s been a good thing for us.

What is the training and initial support like?

After Discovery Day, they showed us the software that we use, and different things like that. We got to learn really what sets HealthSource apart, what makes it unique, why it would be a good fit for us, and after that we went home and kind of mulled it over and thought about it. After we made the decision to do that, the process was really just getting everything transitioned over to a new software and things like that. They worked with us through that process, and really made that as easy as possible.

We did have some issues, because we opened right when COVID started. So it was kind of a hectic time, just in general. But having that support of HealthSource made even that situation easier on us, just because we had help to know what we needed to do, and these are the things that you got to follow now, and this and that. It helped us through that process.

That transition or conversion from what we were doing, in our practice, to becoming a HealthSource practice was easier than I thought it would be. But you’re coached through that, you’re brought through that, you’ve got people that help you throughout that entire process. It was easier going through that conversion with the help of HealthSource than it would have been for me to try and figure out how to even continue what I was doing on my own without that support.

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What about ongoing support for franchisees?

Obviously, you hear the cliche term, that “open door policy.” We’re in South Louisiana, and headquarters is in Cleveland, so we can’t just open the door and walk into the support office. But anytime we call, we get an immediate response. You don’t have to wait long to get some help. That support on the fly is helpful.

From more of a structured support perspective: we’re part of a group with Healthsource, it’s a Mastermind group where we come up to Cleveland three times a year. We meet, and it’s a bunch of minds coming together and discussing things that are going on in each other’s clinics, and some of the victories they’ve had, some of the struggles that they have, and we all kind of help work through those things together.

There’s a lot of things that you don’t think are things that you’re struggling with, and maybe you’re not aware of it, but when you hear somebody else, should we actually have the same thing, I don’t even think about that. So those things are beneficial for us. We’re always growing. We’re always continuing to strive for growth and to learn. Other than that, we’ve got regional support, we’ve got people that we connect with, and we talk to on a weekly basis. We definitely get that ongoing support system through HealthSource.

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