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We Provide Comprehensive Training

Running any business can be challenging, yet running a chiropractic practice offers additional obstacles. HealthSource, America’s Chiropractor® has created systems that help simplify the process and provide the necessary support. From our comprehensive training to our marketing campaigns to our ongoing support, we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

There are quite a few unique challenges facing chiropractors – and HealthSource has addressed them all. Our systems help manage the day-to-day operational challenges that our chiropractic franchise owners face. Some of these systems include:

  • A scheduling system that helps keep your office and team organized and on time
  • A communication system that makes staying in regular contact with your patients easier
  • A leadership system that helps you confidently lead your team and minimize turnover
  • A training system for every position to ensure your team is the best-trained team possible

HealthSource offers a best-in-class software system, complete with everything you need for scheduling, Electronic Health Records (EHR), and billing. It also provides the most accurate statistical data needed to identify strengths and weaknesses in every aspect of your office. Our systems lead to a better clinic and a better lifestyle for you, your team, and your patients.

Proprietary Billing & Scheduling Software

Insurance billing in the chiropractic profession can be complicated. That is why HealthSource helped devise a proprietary software system to simplify the entire billing process and virtually every other aspect of operating an efficient and smooth running clinic.

Our proprietary web-based software allows our owners to issue invoices and payments while keeping track of their bottom line. It also records patient care information, prospect numbers, and practically any stat you can think of in addition to keeping your office compliant. With the right software system in place, you can manage your clinic from anywhere with the click of a button, allowing you to have more free time.

Mastermind Mentorship Program

When it comes to success, we only rise to the level of our peer group’s expectations. At HealthSource, we deliver you a brand new group of like-minded DCs who all want to build the practice they’ve always wanted. We will enroll you for FREE in a 1-year Mastermind program of HS doctors which will become that new peer group for you. We also have three in-person events that foster massive learning. Mentorship learning in an environment such as this can shave decades off the learning curve. Decades? Yes! This is why we enroll you immediately in to a Mastermind program. In addition, you will receive mentorship from every member of our HealthSource Corporate team including your Field Expert.

Simple Training with Cortex

One of the critical keys to a successful clinic and more free time for the doctor is having a great team. But finding the right people – and training them – can be quite expensive and time-consuming. Most DCs have no idea how to do this. After all, you went to college to be a doctor, not a training expert. HealthSource helps alleviate this huge burden with our online learning management system. Ask any of our doctors about our Cortex and you will hear nothing but praise. Cortex is comprehensive. Cortex is engaging. Cortex is constantly refreshed. Cortex is our best-in-class training program for the entire staff of our clinics.

Built by our operations and clinical training team, this system offers over 800 short video classes and covers every role in your clinic, including doctors, associate doctors, front desk, billing, and rehab specialists.

This training also includes:

  • On-site and virtual one-on-one coaching with highly trained field experts
  • Multiple live events and an annual three-day convention that provides exposure to new, state-of-the-art equipment, treatment procedures, research, communication, and training
  • HealthSource University for new clinics to allow for a smooth transition to HS systems and immediate success with their practice
  • In-person workshops
  • Monthly pod training with neighboring HealthSource Clinics, which accelerates the entire team’s learning capability and promotes camaraderie
  • Mastermind Enrollment, which allows you to shave decades off the learning curve and rise to your new peer group’s expectations

On Tuesday mornings, all our clinics take the time to train for excellence. We call it Tuesday Training. Then individuals at our HS clinics can dig deeper to learn the various training modules at their own pace. The most successful people on the planet simply train better than others. We deliver Tuesday Trainings in a done-for-you format to make training for excellence even easier. Tuesday Trainings are supplemented by regional and national live and virtual sessions on many different and relevant topics, all designed to help you build your dream practice even faster.

Beyond these scheduled activities, we employ an entire training team, available at any time to address specific areas of challenge. And before we introduce any new product or service, the training team develops a new module using Cortex.

The best professional athletes train longer and more diligently than the rest. That’s why they’re the best. At HealthSource, we’ve taken that proven model and made it one of our core systems. This is yet another industry first to help you become even more successful on an even steeper slope. Better training – better results!

Branded Programs

HealthSource has developed programs to build lasting relationships with patients and reach a whole new demographic — helping clinics to provide the type of services consumers demand today. These programs also provide yet another source of income for our franchise owners.

HealthSource is so much more than just a provider of chiropractic services. We focus on improving our patients’ overall health through chiropractic, rehab, nutrition, and wellness care. It’s today’s modern chiropractic practice.

Subscription Based Wellness Club

Sports Therapy for Injuries and Performance

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