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The HealthSource Marketing Machine

No matter how hard you work or how good you are at what you do, you don’t have a great clinic without patients. And for most chiropractors, getting people through their doors is the hardest part. HealthSource, America’s Chiropractor® takes the guesswork out of marketing and advertising with our all-encompassing marketing system.

Done for You Marketing

Your social feed is jammed with ads from ‘marketers’ trying to get your money. As part of the HealthSource Family, you can ignore those irritating ads and videos. Our marketing team will build you a custom marketing strategy tailored to your community. In fact, we’ll create every ad for Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, direct mail, print, and even billboards that you’ll ever need.

We also take it one huge step forward by placing every digital ad for you. Never again will you have to worry about how to ‘boost’ an ad, wonder how to build a retargeting campaign, or get stuck in the weeds of Facebook or Google’s latest algorithm changes. We take care of all that for you, leaving you to do what you love.

Our marketing services combined with our thorough, ongoing training will fully allow you to focus on providing your patients with the attentive care they deserve. You’ll also be free to spend more time building your practice and taking some time away without worrying about your clinic because your team will be doing many or most of the non-chiropractic tasks.

Our marketing strategy includes the following:

Customized Marketing Materials

Our marketing team designs all the marketing pieces and ads, customizes them for your office, and places the digital ads for you. Imagine the freedom of not worrying about how to market, who to hire to help, or how to run marketing pieces. Your job is to meet and treat these new patients and deliver the very best care possible in your community.

Full-Scale Marketing Approach

We’ll design and build you marketing pieces for Google, SEM, SEO, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube (professional commercial quality videos!), retargeting campaigns, direct mail, texting, and email marketing. We also handle billboards, television, radio, print, and pretty much anything else needed to attract quality new patients to your HealthSource clinic.

Reactivation Marketing

When your patient has met all their goals, and if they did not choose periodic wellness care, our quarterly reactivation campaigns will help reactivate inactive patients and get them back into your clinic. Most people can certainly benefit from periodic care, and these campaigns are structured to keep your office top of mind and spur even more reactivated patients.

Quarterly Marketing Strategy

The Quarterly Marketing Strategy that HealthSource employs is yet another chiropractic first. Our marketing team of professionals conceptualizes, designs, and delivers to your HealthSource office new quarterly in-office marketing campaigns. The campaigns are intended to attract even more new patients by informing them of the life-changing benefits your clinic can provide them and their families. It comes to you on automatic pilot and takes minutes to initiate.

Branded Programs

HealthSource has developed creative programs to attract even more new patients to our clinics by reaching entirely new demographics, helping clinics to provide the type of care that patients want. These programs also provide additional sources of income for our franchise owners.

Wellness Club

HealthSource clinics maintain a large number of patients because they can provide them with ongoing wellness care through the HealthSource Wellness Club. This subscription-based membership service reduces the cost of adjustments by incorporating a DMPO provider. Patients then set a weekly or monthly appointment schedule that works best for them, and members receive discounts on nutritional supplements and wellness products.

The HealthSource Wellness Club is the perfect solution for lifetime wellness care for your patients once they complete their active care. It’s a subscription-based program that is much more than just maintenance care. Our Wellness Club is simple, easy to implement, formulaic, automatic, and scalable. It’s a way to offer wellness care that you’ll be proud of delivering.

Sports Therapy

HealthSource knows that what athletes want more than anything else is to compete in the sports they love. That’s why, in addition to wellness programs, HealthSource clinics offer special sports injury and performance services. Services include Deep Tissue Laser Treatments, Certified Kinesio Taping, corrective functional rehab, 3-D Imaging Custom Orthotics, and next-generation spinal decompression. These packaged service offerings attract a whole new patient base to the clinics and creates all encompassing total health solution that is best for each patient.

HealthSource also partners with local fitness groups to devise a longer-term exercise routine that is best for each patient.

HealthSource is here for you every step of the way

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